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Don't miss this fun show where Jordan dives in on the world's most important issues. He's on fire. Literally, help!


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Tune in, strap in, saddle up underdogs, Jordan went to America and had a huge article come out about his live show and then he went on WMMA! Much much more...

About this podcast

A comedy/culture & society podcast created by Jordan Prince.
Co-founded and previously co-produced/co-hosted by Moritz Batscheider.

Before gaining success as an internet comedian/content creator, Jordan spent most of his life trying to make a professional career in the music industry. Coming from New Orleans he had a certain understanding of how things worked. However after moving to Germany, he learned just how different everything is in a foreign land. He experienced all the standard ups and downs associated with the expat life, but on top of that he's seen how different these creative industries work overseas.

Curious to learn the stories of others, Prince started the podcast in order to interview creative people from all around the world who are trying to make a living in their respective fields, while also living in a country they weren't born in.

On Jordan's solo episodes, the podcast offers a comical and personal insight into Jordan's life as an immigrant in Germany, and lets his fans in on the behind-the-scenes hard work that goes into making a living as any kind of entertainer, especially in a new, strange world.

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by Jordan Prince


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