Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

I Think We're On To Something - David Gaffney

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Jordan and Moe sit down with the award-winning singer/songwriter David Gaffney to hear about his adventures with Liam Gallagher, Meret Becker, and a new life in Germany.
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No Worries, Mate, She'll Be Right - Coby Grant

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Jordan talks with Australian Singer-Songwriter Coby Grant about her experience on national television, the song that took her around the world, the stories behind her music, and her experience moving to Germany. (New Album out now!)
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Only Free Time Is Not Enough - Sebastian Bolenius

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Jordan sits down with German filmmaker/documentarian Sebastian Bolenius to discuss his new life abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. Having founded a successful production company with his sister years ago in Munich, we find out how the film industry compares in Portugal, along with stories about making friends, and learning the language.

Episode I - Matthew Austin

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On the first episode, Jordan interviews Blues-Rock musician, Matt Austin. We learn about his journey from Manchester to Munich, his history as a performer and songwriter, and what the smooth-talking Englishman considers positive and negative about being an Artsy Fartsy Immigrant.

About this podcast

A Podcast by American musician Jordan Prince.
Having moved abroad four years ago, Prince has experienced all the standard ups and downs associated with the expat life, but on top of that he's seen how different the music industry works overseas. Curious to learn other stories like his own, Prince interviews creative people from all around the world who are trying to make a living in their respective fields.

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by Jordan Prince, Moritz Batscheider


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