Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

It’s All About Who You Know

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Today Moe and Jordan talk about being on live TV in Hamburg, getting a big feature on Bayern 3, and how things come full circle. You meet someone, and years later it comes to great benefit. How does this happen and why is it so common as you get older? They also discuss the act of miscommunication and how middlemen and language perpetuate it. Jordan tells a story about one of the best and one of the worst concerts he’s ever played, and they top it off with a chat about German prostitution and some good old fashioned jokes.

Radio: The Last Man Standing

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Today Moe and Jordan catch up on which major German radio stations Jordan’s song “The Crooked Rail” has been played on so far! They also celebrate the release of the film “Easy Does It” (available worldwide later this year), the prediction of radio’s survival, Space Force, and after figuring out if Paris is the most predictable place an American can travel to, they also touch on the abundance and subtlety of European racism.

Find the Trailer for 'Easy Does It' here:

+ for Jordan's "PULS"-Session we mentioned, here:

The International Show of Idiots

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Today the boys discuss the successful fundraiser for a small town bar in Germany, online streaming concerts, they bust out some Yo Mama jokes you won’t soon forget, they warn you about the worst show on Netflix, and then give some great recommendations for things to read and watch that can help educate those interested in the current racial and social climate.
I Am Not Your Negro -

13th -

Angel's Flight by Michael Conelly - no link, go buy it at your local book store!

Jordan Has a Dream Job

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Nothing lasts forever, and times change. After discussing some updates with Jordan’s release, the boys dive into a dream job scenario where language would perhaps be of no concern. They also discuss the reopening of restaurants, some minor corona updates, and not to mention the details of a term coined by Moe - “ugly waiting.”

Jordan will also be live on Freies Radio Freundenstadt, next Monday at 20:15 to discuss his recent release.

For Gary, in Stuttgart

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Now that Jordan Prince’s new single, “The Crooked Rail” is out in the world, the boys discuss the feedback of the song, Jordan’s feelings about the response it’s had, what he feels the label is doing right or not-so-right, why Spotify shouldn’t show the streaming numbers, and how socia media is a tool that you truly cannot rely on.

“The Crooked Rail” Special

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Tomorrow on May 29, Jordan drops his first new song in 2 years. The boys dive deep into the steps of what it means to independently release music in today’s industry, the expectations of the release and what changes may come now that it’s backed by a German label, and the meaning behind this new record. And as a gift for our dedicated listeners, we’ve included a sneak peak of the new track.
“The Crooked Rail” will be released worldwide tomorrow, May 29th, wherever you get your music.

Website -

Spotify -

The Corona Special #9 - For the Love of the Rockstars

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Jordan and Moe kick off this episode with a few drinks and talk about the skills of a professional alcoholic, what they would look like as 90s rappers, why bands today should stop emulating the 80s (let it go!), who are some of the remaining Rockstars left on the planet and why, as well as sending us home with a conversation about the realities of the modern musician, and the doubts they struggle with.

Anyway, you can see Lil Wayne rippin' a guitar solo here 👉

The Corona Special #7 - Artsy Fartsy Gets Sexy (Part 1)

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How did Zoom take over the world immediately after the first Corona cough was heard? Jordan and Moe dive deep into the methods of modern communication, and then in the smoothest way possible, they transition into the first time they saw porn, and what it was like being a horny teenager. A shorter episode this time, this is part 1 of at least 2.

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