Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

Artsy Fartsy Immigrants

Solo Moe throws it back: lotion & sound

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This week Jordan is in New Orleans and as you might expect: super busy.
So here's solo Moe having a monologue about why he is not gonna do a monologue on this show and then jumps into the first Corona Special the boys did together last year.

This is Society.

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The boys meet over Zoom this week as Jordan's away getting sunburns on Lake Konstanz. They discuss Switzerland's neutrality, what being an "Alman" means to Germans, and what the Pros & Cons are of living in America. They also touch on the downsides of Patriotism, and how they might be back on the concert stage sooner rather than later.

Running Red Lights with Georgie Fisher

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Australian-born Singer/Songwriter Georgie Fisher joins the Artsy Fartsy boys for their second video interview to discuss her migration to Berlin, the stories behind her music, the reality of a Superfan gone wrong, and just how Germanized she has become.


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Moe is back and better than ever this week as the boys discuss Moe's absence and birthday, the current spargel obsession in Germany, what Germans feed the family dog, what it feels like to have a concert on the calendar, and some new great shows to watch!

Fruit Parfaits, Bowling Alleys, and the Diaper Fiasco

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Jordan rides solo this week, (feel better Moe!), and on the 70th episode he discusses some of his favorite memories of traveling as a kid. Like weekends to Tupelo to avoid chores, late nights to Memphis to see bands, field trips to NY and "the risk" involved, and where to get great Mai Tais.
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Ep. 69... Nice.

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Jordan rides solo again this week and talks about how he successfully (finally) passed his German driving exam, how Formula One has suddenly become interesting, and then he has a serious discussion with himself about the realities of continuing with a career as a musician. Then, he rounds out the program with a sweet Mother's Day story.

Pleasing the Eye with Morgan Wood

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Now available on YouTube!

Drag Queen Morgan Wood (aka Morgan Wood Callisto) joins us on our very first video episode to discuss her migration to Berlin from the UK, why Ru Paul’s Drag Race is exclusionary, how Corona affected her move to YouTube, and what the future of drag might look like.

New title song by Tom Yanks

Side Lights and "The Stare"

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Jordan rides solo this week and he's off the rails. First off, Gerard Butler disaster movies. Then, what are side lights? Then a soaking wet laptop, the staring issue in Germany, the comments on Instagram, the best wings in town, and personalized content just for you. Let's go!

The Greatest Fan

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Moe and Jordan meet over Skype this week to discuss why Moe deleted all of his social media accounts. They also discuss cool gifts from Jordan's German Video fans, and have a phone call with the greatest fan of the show, Moritz Binder.

Blizzard Boy Goes Viral

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Moe and Jordan talk over Skype this week about Jordan’s first restaurant experience in over a year, what’s the update with his new album, and how some radio stations feel about his songs. They also discuss his “German Word” videos, the crazy April snow, and the clumsiness of Moe at the dinner table.

About this podcast

A Podcast by American musician Jordan Prince and German journalist Moritz Batscheider.
Having moved abroad in 2015, Prince has experienced all the standard ups and downs associated with the expat life, but on top of that he's seen how different the music industry works overseas. Curious to learn other stories like his own, Prince interviews creative people from all around the world who are trying to make a living in their respective fields and discusses current issues as an Immigrant in Germany with his bass player and friend Batscheider.

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