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Losing the Fear of Silence

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Moe returns today for an exciting discussion with Jordan about the immense amount of weddings taking place, what exactly "bride stealing" is, the legend of Helge Schneider, Jordan's songwriting progress and concert stories, and about special guests appearing on July 1st at Milla Club.

About this podcast

A Podcast by American musician Jordan Prince and German journalist Moritz Batscheider.

Having moved abroad in 2015, Prince has experienced all the standard ups and downs associated with the expat life, but on top of that he's seen how different the music industry works overseas. Curious to learn other stories like his own, Prince interviews creative people from all around the world who are trying to make a living in their respective fields and discusses current issues as an Immigrant in Germany either with his bass player and friend Batscheider, or sometimes LIVE on TikTok where he gets feedback and comments from Germans in real-time.

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by Jordan Prince, Moritz Batscheider


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